What are the system requirements?
PULPcorder runs on every Windows XP system with DirectX 9 and broadband internet access.
To make sure PULPcorder works on your system you can download a limited trial version here.

What are the limitations of the trial version?
The free trial version has the following limitations:
     - Downloads only 4 pictures (no videos) from gallery pages
     - No recording

How does the channel system work?
PULPcorder needs channel files (file extension .pchl) to work. Inside these channel files the gallery and gallery site links are stored - so you need a channel file to watch content (like you need a url/ link if you want to surf the web).

Where can I get some channels?
You can generate the channels for your favorite gallery sites by yourself using the integrated channel explorer.
Another way is to contact your 'Dealer' and ask him for some cool channel files which meet your requests.

What is the PULPcorder discount number for?
When you got a discount number from one of our dealers you get a discount of $2 (USD) of the original PULPcorder retail price of $19.99 - so you pay only $17.99 for your copy of PULPcorder. Another benefit of this discount number is, that you may contact your dealer to get some channels or obtain some help if he allows his customers to.

What is a PULPcorder 'Dealer'?
First, at PULPcorder.com every registered user becomes a 'Dealer'.
These 'Dealers' can download PULPcorder updates, special program add-ons and extensions if available.
But the main benefit is, that every 'Dealer' can take part at our reselling program which makes it possible for you to benefit from every new customer you bring to us. In detail this means that you can receive $4 (USD) for every new customer who buys a copy of PULPcorder using your individual discount number.

How do I receive rewards for new customers?
To receive rewards for new customers you need to register with a valid PayPal e-mail address which is able to receive donations. Due to administrative matters it may take up to two month until you receive your reward.

Is it ok that my dealer wants to sell me channels instead of giving them to me for free?
Yes, this is absolutely ok.
The opportunity to sell content is an essential part of our 'Dealer' program. But if you think it is no good idea to buy channels, just create your own ones using the integrated channel explorer or search the internet for some free ones.